Waves Raises $120 Million, And Binance Launches Charity Fund For Maltese Youth

The market continues its bull run, as Bitcoin went past $4,000. Bitcoin Cash (BCH) has also surged significantly, as it is up by 37% in the last 24 hours. In fact, BCH has doubled its value in the last 3 days. Meanwhile, Bitcoin Cash SV (BSV) is up by 12% to reach $100. Ethereum is trading at around $100, while Ripple is fast approaching $0.4.

In other news, Canadian cryptocurrency exchange Coinsquare has simultaneously launched in 25 countries in the European Union. Founded in 2014, Coinsquare claims to have over 100,000 customers and is also “Canada’s most secure digital currency trading platform,” with a “95% cold storage policy on all digital currency.” Also, Nucleus Vision, a blockchain company, has announced the release of nCash Pay, a new crypto-based payment solution for traders. Per the announcement, Nucleus Vision’s nCash token powers this system. nCash Pay would allow merchants to accept payments using nCash and the traders can also incorporate the payment system into any existing e-commerce platform through an API.

1) Waves Platform has raised $120 million in a recent funding round, and this will allow the blockchain network to launch its Vostok private blockchain platform and system integrator that was developed for large enterprises and public institutions. Waves cryptocurrency rallied nearly 50 percent on the news and the company now boasts a market capitalization over $400 million. Waves Platform founder, Sasha Ivanov said even though “the cryptocurrency rush is over now” the market still requires decentralized networks to store data and cut costs. Ivanov believes that private blockchains are currently filling a niche unattended by public blockchains as they provide better data protection. (Read More)

2) Binance Charity Foundation (BCF), cryptocurrency exchange Binance’s charity arm is set to help the Maltese Youth. It has launched a new fundraising channel on its blockchain-powered donation platform to support terminally ill patients and disadvantaged children in Malta and Gozo. Called the “2018 L-Istrina Campaign,” it will contribute towards the Malta Community Chest Fund (MCCFF). Binance and TRON have each committed to donating $100,000 in cryptocurrency to the fund. (Read More)

3) IOST(Internet of Services) announced that their Testnet v2.0 Everest is launching today. As per their announcement, Everest 2.0 is highly analogous and includes all of the essential functions of Mainnet v1.0. Everest 2.0 has already begun utilization by third-party developers and running dapps. According to earlier reports, IOST has introduced its heavyweight Developer Bounty Program to incentivize global developers to develop and run dapps on its platform. (Read More)

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