What Noticeable Features You Should Expect in Vue v3 Release

Since the release of Vue 2, Vuejs has grown rapidly. It is receiving awesome reviews from the users. Vuejs was one of the most popular Javascript front end frameworks in 2018 along with the giants like Angular and React. And now Vue 3 is all set to release. For the last few months, it has been in talks across various parts of the world.

The team has focused on making it faster and reduce the amount of code a developer needs to write. The team has made it easier for the developers to concentrate more on the app features instead of code.

We have brought you the noticeable things in Vue 3. To learn more about Vue 3, travel through this article and get to know what is coming in Vue 3?

1) Composition API

Composition API is the new feature of Vue.js. The team has built it to maintain large & complex components & reuse code easily. Find out the advantages of composition API below,

Advantages of Composition API:

– Large components can be easy to maintain & read

In Vue 2 as the components become bigger and complex, they become less readable & maintainable. In Vue 2, the code is split up between two options. First is the return value and the other is component options.

The logical concerns or features of a page can be organized by various components options such as components, props, data, computed, methods and lifecycles. If you are building a large app then you might use at least two or three of them on each page. So, that makes page unreadable.

If each component option code is kept together then our code looks much more organized. With the help of Vue 3 composition API, you can make this possible. It all starts with the new setup() method inside the components.

Inside the setup() function we can start using the new composition API syntax. By the way, this syntax is completely optional, you can continue using the old syntax but if you are working on the large project then giving Vue 3 composite API a try is good for your app.

The syntax of the Vue 3 composite API is:

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