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What is Machine Learning?

Machine learning is an important part of machine learning. It allows computers to adapt itself into self-learning mode without being programmed by the humans explicitly. Whenever the machine learning system is exposed to new data, these customized programs are enabled to grow, learn, change, and develop by themselves.

According to SAS developer, the definition of machine learning is “machine learning is a mechanism of data analysis that performs automation on the analytical model.” Meaning that It allows computer systems to find meaningful information without being programmed and where to look for the particular information. Instead, it uses algorithms that learn iteratively learn from that data set.

According to PwC, by the year 2030 38%, all jobs in USA could be replaced by machine learning and artificial intelligence. Also, According to capterra.com, by the year 2020, 57% of businesses will depend on solid prediction capabilities with machine learning and it will be important to keep your customers.

machine learning

The main concept of machine learning is its adaptability to new data independently. It is possible because it allows engineers and developers to learn from previous data computations and use “pattern recognition” for giving desired results.

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Why is Machine Learning Important?

Machine learning has many practical applications that drive the results for the business like time and money saving. In addition, it has the potential to dramatically impact the future of your business. In particular, customer care industry will be benefited a lot from machine learning because it will allow people to get their work their done quickly and efficiently. With the help of virtual assistant solutions, machine learning automates all the tasks which were previously performed by a live agent like changing passwords or checking the account balance.

Machine Learning

This frees up the time of the live agent that can be utilized on improving the customer care platform for humans like taking complicated decisions, high touch etc. Another importance of machine learning is that it improves the process by eliminating the decision of whether the request should be sent to a human or machine. Another reason why machine learning is important because it learns to be aware overtime of its limitations and provide the correct solutions. ‘

In the past few years, machine learning has seen drastic improvements. However, most of the top machine learning companies are very far from reaching human-level performance. Most of the times the machine needs the assistance of human to complete its task.

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Final Note

It is worth saying that if machine learning and AI is handled with good care is going to provide a lot of benefits to businesses and industries as a whole. A world of machine and technology can innovate, work tirelessly, and improve the existing processes. Moreover, it will improve the economic efficiency of businesses as well.

In order to get the most value out from machine learning, you need to have proper knowledge about best algorithms with the right processes and tools. Programming languages like Python, R, and SAS are used by businesses to create new machine learning algorithm for their business process. In addition, with the petabytes of data being generated daily, it is important for you to use machine learning in streamlining your business process.

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