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We’ll show you all you have to understand concerning Visa provisioning service including its significance, charge on a credit card, impending fee, contact number, pending bill areas, as along with other conditions that you may search for.

The same applies to the visa provisioning service us bank statements and services which are connected with it including Netflix, Google pay, PayPal, and Amazon.

Their credit cards facilitate the purchase of tens of thousands of goods and services online, as well as the same is true for offline platforms. And in an attempt to improve its support to its customers all around the world, the company adopts modern technologies in its procedures. 

The adoption of the technologies has led to the arrival of the Visa provisioning service.

Visa Provisioning Service Meaning

Visa provisioning service means supplying a service. Thus, the service being provided here is your provisioning of Visa cards.

To comprehend this support, it might be worth noting that there are procedures Banks and Personalization Bearaus need to stick to create a safe card with a chip.

However, advancements caused the ability of platforms to create a safe processor using a smartphone. There was afterward the use of Host Card Emulation which allows the translation that is overburdened to occur. 

A blend of those procedures enhances the amount of security of an individual’s account. This is because the account is not provisioned on the user’s smartphone. 

However, this account is referred to even though it could still be on a standard card.

As a result, the Visa provisioning service provides mobile network operators with a simple method to get financial information from their smartphones. 

These are devices that take advantage of near field communication (NFC). 

NFCin this instance, allows devices in a short array to communicate wirelessly. And the technology is not new given the Google Wallet and other popular platforms support NFC connections to facilitate payments.

On the flip side, the Visa provisioning support is an effort from Visa to allow users to join NFC enable smartphones with Visa’s payment accounts. 

This implies banks, community operators, transit operators can verify obligations more quickly and seamlessly. 

Accordingly, organizations around the globe can boost their payment program. They can also utilize mobile payments in a way like never before.

And the best part is the Visa token service provisioning and lifecycle control connect the relevant parties required in cell banking payment. 

Here, reports can be connected using smartphones through NFC. The connected visa accounts may be validated and maintained.

Features of Visa Provision Service

Some of the features of this Visa provisioning service comprise:

NFC Launched:

The Visa provisioning service relies on NFC engineering. Not every smartphone was outfitted to support this connectivity.

For this reason, the service might just be used by men and women who have NFC-supported smartphones.

A person who wishes to utilize the Visa provisioning service needs an NFC-enabled smartphone, which may subsequently be set in a switched-on state utilizing an OTA activation. 

What is more, non-visa trades can also benefit from the service, and therefore, it is not only restricted to Visa payments.

At this point, you may be wondering exactly what the real-life use instance of the service would be. Nonetheless, it’s evident where a person pays for a ride utilizing the cell payment system. 

They have to ask for a mass transit program. The latter allows for the usage of mass transit application to activate the mobile payment.

Scalability and Flexibility:

Based on Visa, its service provides a scalable and flexible means for people to issue tokens firmly, and also facilitate their use in the m-commerce, eCommerce, and contactless purchases.

Additional the APIs allow Associates to utilize a token as a special identifier and substitute it using the Primary Account Number (PAN). 

To this effect, this amount of tokenization can help to protect the card’s data because its PAN is substituted with a randomly generated series of numbers.

In comparison with this PAN, these exceptional numbers have exactly the identical length as the PAN. And this means they look just like the normal charge card number. 

This similarity is noticed by backend transaction processing systems, databases, as well as applications.

How Visa Provisioning Service Works?

The method of performance of Visa provisioning service has been summarized below:

This service functions for associations in the cell banking payments industry NFC, authentication, and direction of all Visa accounts are all made possible by lining accounts.

A person who plans to use this service purchases a smartphone that affirms NFC technology.

The user triggers the mobile payment method on their device. The customer has to interact with the financial institution issuing their Visa account. They can also reach out to the support provider.

A passcode must authenticate the user. When the right password is entered, then the payment is processed if not it is not.

The NFC technology starts the market of different credentials and keys between parties. The charge account details are then obtained on the customer’s mobile telephone number.

On the flip side, the 0$ Visa provisioning service operates together with the card number and there’s absolutely not any retention of capital. 

It is checked using the zero-dollar authorization sequence. There’s a section of Visa availability and It’s the Buy authorization Visa provisioning service

An instance of the service is that the Visa provisioning Netflix and the same can be stated with other organizations such as PayPal, Visa provisioning service Apple Pay, etc., that deal with services. 

Let us take Apple Pay as an example, the latter takes advantage of three server-side mobile calls. 

Included in these are the check-card, necessary areas, and connection and provision. 

This helps to ship and receive contact with the issuer

Advantages of Visa Provisioning

Advancement in Mobile Payments

Provisioning allows the token to be enticed for a specific use. It may be employed by a client for payment at a retailer’s shop. Based on this, it can be said that the Visa Provisioning Service is a major advancement in the mobile payment market. 

With the capability to connect the consumer smartphone using their Visa account, and wide cooperation with the banking world, it will help to enhance the link with these banks and network operators.

Benefits of Connection and Seamless Payment

What’s more, the agency provides a simpler way for operators, banks, transit operators to connect Visa payment account to the consumer’s smartphone. 

The Visa provisioning support was first announced at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The over-the-air provisioning support was supposed to be employed with the provider’s payWave mobile payments system.

It might also let you know the system was made in partnership with Oberthur Technologies. 

Payments technology including the payWave mobile payments technology can deploy over the air.

There is also an advantage of the provisioning service to operators. It enables them to make payments that were supported on cellular. 

When the service was started, there have been speculations that it might be a competitor to Isis. However, it was shown that Visa plans to permit payWave to be incorporated with the Isis wallet. 

This means the Visa provisioning program has made an important milestone in cell payment processes.

APIs Used in Visa Provisioning and Lifecycle Management

Get Cardholder Verification Approaches

Visa invokes this API through the token provisioning flow. It helps the issuer to provide support methods for cardholder authentication.

Visa invokes the approved provisioning API during token provisioning. 

The API call has been sent to the issuer in addition to the ID&V feature. This also aids the issuer to take the required actions.

Check Eligibility

Assess eligibility is an API that is plotted during token provisioning flow on a device. 

As such, issuers can verify cardholders that are just about to begin the provisioning of tokens to digital wallets.

Send Passcode

The send passcode API is invoked in nominal provisioning flow. 

It helps to send the OTP into a destination chosen by the cardholder. This destination may be an email address.

Token Inquiry from PAN

The token inquiry by PA can help to regain several tokens for a PAN.

Token Lifecycle

The token lifecycle permits the guarantor to enact, start, send, or erase the token

Token Create Notification

This telling has been invoked in a particular case. This is during the successful creation of a token onto a device.

Inspection NHPP (VCEH) Profiles

The Overview NHPP (VCEH) Controls enables the issuer to receive token requestors that participate in the Visa Card Enrollment Hub solution. 

It frequently comes with a logo, manufacturer data both of which are to be revealed around the issuer card.

The card metadata upgrade notification is delivered when a notification is received from the wallet provider about the status of the device’s metadata update

User Queries

Several consumers have posted queries concerning the majority of their own cards. 

We have outlined these queries as well as the suggestions which were designed to rectify this issue. 

Therefore, if you are encountering the same, it may go a very long way to give you a hand and even reassure you.

Provisioning of card more than once issue

Some users have noticed that bank cards are just accessible once.

They noticed that Visa provisions cards only once before the card is prepared to be utilized with Apple Pay. But, there could be cases where the latter might not hold.

An individual, for instance, demonstrated that their bank card was provisioned multiple times and it might be tied into the fact that they replace their iPhone. 

The consumer noted that restoration from back up produced the Apple Pay for installation again. As such, the provisioning had to be redone.

Consequently, if you are trying to add the card to a different apparatus, then there may be provisioning back again. And if you’re sure the link is not from you, then it’s possible someone might have obtained access to your card. 

They might tend to supply this token into another device and if that is the case, it is safe to phone your lender and make a report. 

Your lender will be in a better position to throw more light on what’s occurring.

Visa Provisioning Service Pending Charge

One more thing you should be cautious of is the Visa Provisioning Service pending fee and the no retailer pending charge. 

The charge may stem from a merchant running your charge card information to ascertain if it’s still active. It is frequently a zero charge service.

What is more, if you receive a new card, Visa can update the credit card info to retailers that have a recurring payment on the card. 

This information includes the card’s number, expiration date, etc.. However, you can get in touch with your lender to turn off the attribute. 


The Visa provisioning service relies on NFC technologies to achieve its full capability. 

However, there’s a limitation for customers that our smartphones don’t have NFC. And even at that, not very many individuals will be ready to change their existing device to another just to enable contactless payment.

That being the case, there are expectations that Visa may use a more widespread technology for the service in an attempt to promote wider adoption.

Anyway, the current adoption of the service by monetary institutions, transit operators, community suppliers, and lots of others shows how beneficial it is when it has to do with payments.

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