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tl;dr: WordArt.

I was born in the late 80’s. It means I had some tough choices when I grew up in the 90’s. One of them was choosing a WordArt title for a school assignment.

As part of my daily job I need to upgrade stuff that affect dozens of developers. It freezes some of the deployments and make developers not so happy 🙂

I needed to do it with some creativity and I got my nostalgic attack after Ran Greenberg told me “Your font looks like WordArt” and remembered the struggle I had when I was a kid.


I created a library for react called react-wordart. Now the deploy freeze looks much better and super user friendly.

I used https://github.com/transitive-bullshit/create-react-library for generating the library and just to write the code so huge kudos to Travis Fischer.

Most of the work from there was to write the css. Luckily I have internet… I used this article and I had the css. Also used classnames package for controlling dynamic classname and voilà.

Using create-react-library I got example project out of the box, and ran npm run deploy and there it is: https://yershalom.github.io/react-wordart

After I read this comment on my thread at Reddit, I decided to split the css to its own repo: https://github.com/yershalom/css-wordart

The usage is pretty simple:

And then just like that I had my nostalgic moment and created an open source out of that.

Hoped you enjoyed reading!

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