Why Businesses Choose Ruby on Rails and Tips to Hire Ruby on Rails Developer

google trends i will search ruby on rails trends to other technology compare. and i share screenshot.

this day all top business industry like. business, shopping, health, travel, big data industry and top companies, entrepreneurs are using ruby on rails for their web applications development.

ROR speed and agility results in high productivity and growth of the business. rails latest version 5.2.1 — August 07, 2018 ruby on rails language most secure web applications development and sort time development. Ruby on Rails Most in 2018. ruby using most popular “gems” Gems can be used to extend or modify functionality in Ruby applications. ruby on rails in use database mongodb, SQL and PostgreSQL.

ruby on rails use for this technology in top social media platform twitter.

Mostly e-commerce Website development using Shopify for making online store.

Most popular in web project development management tool for Basecamp

Wakeupsales is best options for CRM application has been developing this technology and a lot other use.

Ruby on Rails development, Business owners on their overall and quicker development Chain.

here, i am sharing some most important point to hire your next ruby on rails developer.

1.Ruby on Rails work experience and portfolio

experience matter in all technical work. client check past ruby on rails work and what’s use new technology using project. check their portfolio and case studies to get an idea about work and capabilities. Before hiring a ruby on rails developer and company

2. Ruby on rails Coding Expertise and ability

you find top ruby on rails developer, both in Code technical and Code non-technical part. check their communication and coding problem-solving techniques skills.

check ruby on rails developer technical part, Ruby in Syntax, OOP programming and ruby on rails check technical part in MVC paradigm, ERB/Haml, ActiveRecord, API + JSON, Configuration of a new app, Basics of REST and HTTP protocol, front-end skill, database and tools that are used in ruby on rails. also understand and handle your dream project.

3. Understanding on Functionality and Methodology

you check her/his past work and methodology and functionality in project. how to use your next dream project work. you check developer and company adopting the industrial practices and quality rule methods.

4. Communication Skills

As we know communication is great part of your project done in an easier way. your developer and comapny must understand about your project requirements and what are you perfectly looking for.

5.Work and Delivery

End-to-end solutions your ideas, execution of these ideas with great strategy and planning of a good developer. right developer or company will share a fully road-map and project workflow and delivery process with you even if you don’t have coding ideas. in short they will consult and project guide you. then you know you are on the right way.


it is not easy to choose the right developer and company, or where to invest time and money. i will personally suggest you to go with ruby on rails that is fitting from small to medium-sized and enterprise applications solutions.

Bacancy Technology has been working on ruby on rails framework from last 7+ years and more than 150+ rails projects have been delivered by us with a team of more than 28+ hire dedicated ruby on rails developer and team.

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