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If we will make a chart of humanity progress, we will see that for last decades it grows like 2^x function. For last 20 years there were invented smartphones, laptops, self-driven cars, robots, smart houses, Blockchain, virtual reality, lot of medical equipments and this is just small part of all novelty. And i think humanity will progress even faster for next few years. We can see now how the big companies integrate blockchain and machine learning into their business, how many countries engineering robots for daily usage and for military, how Tesla inventing self-driving cars and integrates it in our life, how Blockchain changes payment structure and data transmission, how smart houses doing all our household chores. In the last century, people could not even think that they will be able to contact with their friends from another country or even nearby city, but for now it’s simple. And after ten years it’ll be common to have a things that we can just imagine now, like flying cars, another virtual life, travels to another planets, etc. We live in the world that progresses every second, but let’s pause on that and i will tell about my decision to dive into Blockchain and obstacles i met on my way.


Life is hard to explain, some people find their dream-work promptly, some poeple can’t find it during their life, others spend few years for searching. I spent few years before i understand my desires and come to Blockchain. Let’s call them unrealized hobbies.


I became Android developer at university and continue learning it, released few applications, participated in developing of few applications and games. Last and most interesting was the project for learning foreign languages just by listening short stories about 20 times for long period and then starting to talk with someone. As i finished with MVP i decided to start next part of my life, but without Android. It was too interesting and amazing time and big experience for me when i worked on building Android applications, on their interfaces, wrote code, published them on Google Play, worked with advertise, but I realized that I want something more. In total i was in Android about 2 years.

Dribbble and UI design

At the same time when i was working on Android applications i found that i’ve some love to ui-design and started working on it — watched lot of tutorials, worked on each element, drew a lot of illustrations, studied from top designers from all the world and decided to publish it on dribbble, but it was not so simple as it seems. I spent about two months before was invited to dribbble. During this two months i learnt a lot of things on UI design, on elements arrangement, on colours, on logos. As i became member i worked for about month and lost my motivation. Yes, i’m also building some UI-design, but it’s just a hobby, not more.

One of the examples from my dribbble profile.

Machine learning

The last step before i dive into Blockchain was Machine learning and Data science. In total i spent about 4 months and during this time i learnt lot of algorithms, wrote lot of code, watched lot of videos and read lot of articles, passed course of Andrew Ng on Coursera, found the person who motivate me — Siraj Raval, participated on some contests. It was amazing, but i found more interesting place — Blockchain. Hope, in future i will use both of them in my work. I love Machine learning, there is something magnificent on it and it has great future. I’ll be back!


The blockchain cannot be described just as a revolution. It is a tsunami-like phenomenon, slowly advancing and gradually enveloping everything along its way by the force of its progression. 
William Mougayar

How i choose it?

Here will start the most interesting part of this article, at least for me. I bought my first Bitcoin at the end of 2016, it costs too cheap. After reading some info about blockchain and cryptocurrency i left it and continued learning Android. After about 8 months i came into Blockchain newly, but i decided to learn it deeper, started trading, read a lot of info about technical analysis of market, analysed lot of projects, invest on some of them, but understand for myself that just trading is not so interesting, need to participate on Blockchain, not just use it for earning money. I started it very passive because of having project on Android, but at the beginning of this year everything changed. During last six months i become middle Smart contract hacker and started working at ICORating — leading rating agency.

Why i choose it?

This is philosophical question. I think very few people know why they choose some job. Some people choose some work, because they wanna get more money, some people choose, because they don’t have another ways, some people choose, because their parents ask them to choose it and a lot of another reasons. But there is one interesting reason — because it’s your hobby. And if your job becomes your hobby it means you are happy person, not everyone such lucky. I hope, i’m one of this lucky people,because i like Blockchain, i like to analyse it, to hack Smart contracts, to build charts, to use Data Science on my work, etc. I choose it because i like it!

What comes next?

We have a great future with amazing technologies. But for getting this we need to work hard now, to invent new technologies, to use all our power for improving planets’ current state, to do all our best for making happy future without any wars, hunger and other problems! Blockchain will grow as technology for next few years. As soon as all the moneymakers will left it, much of the real products will be used by people we will see the power of Blockchain. But it needs some time, because everything need some time before becoming strong. We also need time before becoming professional in some doing and we also meet lot of obstacles in our way, so Blockchain too. The value of each technology in its applicability. So we met the monster in terms of applicability. Make the world better and never give up, as Blockchain do it!

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