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I am a content creator. I produce free blogging courses rooted in content marketing and SEO.

My 6-year old daughter once told me “Mama, I do not understand your work. Why you don’t go to an office? Why do you always just type on your laptop? It’s too wordy. Too many envelopes (email)!” 

I plainly told her that I am “selling” baby things. I told her, “I sell diapers, car seats, baby bottles…”

“But mama, where are those things? I can’t see them!”

How do you even explain “affiliate marketing” to a 6-year old child? So I just diverted the topic and told her…

“Do you want me to go back to working in an office? Who will take care of you?” to which she answered, “I can go with you after my homeschool and sit in the corner while you work,” but we all know that’s rarely possible.

I have to be honest, I have always been discouraged to continue this course. Every time I visit the websites of my blogging “heroes,” I just want to already stop what I am doing. How the hell am I going to “compete” with these gurus? Why would anyone read my lessons?

One morning, as I was updating the contents of my old blog, an idea sparked and I owe this idea to the “Math book” we use for homeschooling -Life of Fred Math, as we all know, can be an intimidating subject. My daughter used to be always grumpy or sleepy when it’s Math time.

Since both I and my daughter are first-time homeschoolers (because of the Covid19 pandemic), I share my daughter’s sentiments about math – boring and uninteresting. However, the Life of Fred book(s) changed our views. The author writes in a narrative form, telling funny and witty stories that my daughter enjoys so much, we do not even notice we are studying math.

So I thought, why not write a blogging course in a light tone, something that my 6-year old daughter can enjoy and understand.

There. The birth of my free blogging course. She’ll probably read it 10 years from now. By then, she can have the freedom to do what she loves and never worry about “work” in the future.

Check it out: https://fulltimeblogging.com/


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