Why microcopy is vital for startups & large businesses alike.

Brands usually skip microcopy without realising that it boasts enormous potential. After all, it is the smallest of details that make life worth living.

Microcopy, generally, is a UX term for headlines / short subheaders / call-to-action buttons and the copywriting used in them.

It’s your chance to make customers fall in love with your brand.

In essence, it’s super short-form writing that has enormous potential to spark action and make customers fall in love with your brand.

And so, Microcopy can be translated into the physical world to enhance customer experience.

Imagine opening up your favourite bottle of wine.

On the bottom of the cork, you find the words “Let love be the word tonight.”

It’s powerful. It impacts. It’s unforgettable.

And you can use microcopy to add a pinch of “oomph” to the packaging of your product.

Say, you’re reading that wine bottle and the label reads “Southern French Sauvignon Blanc.”

And below, you find words that read along these lines:

“Drowns both joy and sadness. A superb complement to your late-night date, with yourself or your loved one.”

It is these details that make or break brands.

But I must say… Crafting powerful microcopy that grabs customers by their shirts and makes them pay attention can seem daunting. You can always get in touch and have me craft your microcopy for you. Send me a message.

By Haroldas Pakalniskis

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