Why To Choose Mean Stack For Your Website Development

MEAN is a user-friendly full-stack JavaScript framework which is highly preferred today for creating dynamic websites and applications. It is a free and open-source stack developed to offer developers with a swift and highly organized method for building rapid prototypes of MEAN-based web applications.

One of the key benefits of the MEAN stack is that a single language, JavaScript, runs on each application level, making it resourceful and offering an up to date approach to web development.

The mean stack is projected to deliver a straightforward and an initial point for cloud native full stack JavaScript applications.

MEAN is a set of Open Source components that collectively offer a comprehensive framework for creating dynamic web applications; commencing from the top (the code running in the browser) to the bottom (the database).

Key Features of MEAN

• The Employability:

More and more employers require best engineers who are familiar with MEAN Stack and other advanced JavaScript-based technologies.

• Straightforward & Swift:

Creating websites and applications that rotate across a single language such as JavaScript is comparatively less complicated and swift in project development in today’s multifaceted technology space.

• Overall Adaptability:

Due to the flexibility of MEAN Stack’s common programming language, JavaScript, it is exceedingly adaptable for a wide array of web applications.

• Useful and Active Dev Community:

MEAN Stack operates on JavaScript, which undoubtedly the most common programming language across the globe. Also, it comes with one of the most active developer communities, making solutions to issues effortless and highly accessible for all the stakeholders.

The Stack is made up of:

MEAN Stack


It is a highly used document database put into practice by back-end applications to store their data as JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) documents.


The major advantage of having MongoDB is the utilization of JSON format which assists in transferring the required data. Additionally, it is even cost-effective and be successfully used for the transfer of client and server-side data. It can be further used for storing of files, creating an index, load balancing as well as the aggregation.


Also, referred to as Express.js, it is a back-end web application framework running on top of Node.js. It assists the APIs while developing the required web applications.


It is through this competent technology that the developer can add new functionalities and needed features. And further, when it merges with Node.js, the development procedure gets more straightforward. It enables speed and offers secure applications.


Angular is a platform that makes it trouble-free to create applications with the web. Angular merges declarative templates, dependency injection, end to end tooling, and integrated top practices to resolve development confronts. Angular powers developers to create applications that meet all the expectations working consistently on the web, mobile, or the desktop.


You can easily develop dynamic web applications that are completely robust and scalable in functionality with the needed modular structure using Angular solution platform.


NodeJS works on a runtime environment which enables and empowers to implement your application back-end in JavaScript.


It is unique is the existence offering run-time features that can help in developing lively and scalable web applications.

Benefits of Selecting MEAN Stack

Now, let’s evaluate a few imperative reasons why MEAN stack is gaining success while making the way forward in the JavaScript frameworks:

1. Flexibility in Budget

One of the essential reasons why MEAN stack has topped the list of both the clients and programmers is due to its flexibility in the budget. The clients will not require looking for diverse developers as this framework is a full stack. Since it has gained eminence, the young aspiring developers are taking great interest in this technology platform. It enables a resourceful team where all JavaScript developers are allocated a project module and they can work with complete coordination. The developers can even share their codes with each other which can be reused within the stack.

2. Complete JavaScript Framework

Another point that goes into the goodwill of MEAN stack is that it is a complete JavaScript framework that turns it advantageous for both the client as well as on the server side. It supports both the Windows and the Linux OS. For the reason that it has a presence of JavaScript, it provides optimal user experience (UX) and also helps in handling the data fittingly.

It supports the recovery of the data and is a powerful framework that assists developers to deliver effective web applications with a high level of scalability.

3. Known for its Suppleness and Effectiveness

MEAN Stack is a supple and effective JavaScript framework that can manage projects of all sizes and organizations successfully. If you are helped out by a practiced team and have a sturdy coordination, then it becomes much simpler to work on an assortment of projects. Also, the sharing of data is effortless; all you are required to do is just add a field and pursue the further guided procedure.

4. The Benefits of Having JSON

JSON is one of the immense assets to have on the board as far as the MEAN stack developers are involved. It assists in the flawless distribution of the data amid the layers in case the developer is picking either MongoDB or the AngularJS. You are saved from the hard work of writing the codes over again. The developers can also have a way into PHP. The data can also be imported with the assistance of the codes through the MSQL server and also route it as well.

JSON enables the MEAN to use easier formats while you are reformatting so that you can save time. It also supports the external APIs so that you can better work with them.

5. The Scalability

All the 4 frameworks that create a MEAN stack, are open source and highly scalable. Mean even supports and contains a set of added libraries along with the reusable modules. All these elements play a notable role in accelerating the swiftness of the development and save a great amount of time.

Key Takeaways

There is no doubt that MEAN stack is an ideal selection when it comes to developing a dynamic and extremely visited web application. It offers you the right platform to create a single-page application and most diverse applications. In fact, Node.js has by now got some of the massive players on the platform, to name a few of them are Netflix, Uber PayPal, LinkedIn and more.

Also, it can be observed well that MEAN to a larger extent is getting to a superior level and is on the way of going beyond LAMP at some point of time. So, if you need a professional MEAN stack developer to cater your requirements, then get in touch with the specialists.

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