Why [Its Important] to Choose Free Play Games vs Real Online Gambling Sites

I’ve been an iGaming affiliate for a long time now (19 years) and a casino gambler for even longer (25 years). I’ve played blackjack more than 1/2 of my life and know far too much about the game for my own good.

Most importantly, over the year’s I learned first hand how difficult it is to make money in a casino on a regular basis. It is possible for sure, but as soon as you start making money consistently the casinos will always find a way to stop you one way or the other. So you have to move around a lot to different casinos that don’t see you coming. This gets costly too!

Sometimes a casino will even pull a few dirty tricks if you’re an advantage gambler hanging around long enough to afford them the opportunity to stoop so low.

A wise gambler does not stay that long, however.

Unfortunately for myself, I’m an adrenaline gambler and I play for the rush. As a result, I and end up play extremely long sessions. 104 hours of playing blackjack with no sleep was my longest run ever. A bit extreme I’d say. What I’ve learned is this.

Casinos are in the gambling business to make money and don’t like it when “advantage players” win at blackjack.

I believe that legitimate online casinos are by their very nature more fair than traditional real world casinos are. The legit internet casinos are actually more fair in my personal opinion.

I say this because from my thousands of hours spent inside a real life casino gambling life’s precious time away, I observed too many consistent anomalies that can only be explained as the single consistent variable being most casino games are probably rigged or can be adjusted on demand in some way.

I don’t have cold hard facts to prove that casinos rig games so I’m not making claims and can only share my opinions, perspectives and observations. I can tell you about one rather interesting fact I’ve learned about video slots over time.

The Problem With Slot Machines

Inside of real world casinos, the slot machines are connected to a central computing command center where the casino has complete control over the game and it’s outcomes.

If that does not sound like a dodgy doorway to rig a slot machine then I’m not sure what does. I have read both official patent documentation online as well as slot machine manufacturer documents so I know this part is certain. Casinos do have control over the slots so they’re not always as “random” as we’d like to believe they are.

Obstacles in Blackjack

In blackjack, things are done a bit differently since the dealer must deal the cards from the deck or shoe. Because of this, they have other ways to rig blackjack games. Here 3 good reasons to play free blackjack apps instead.
  1. In blackjack, casinos like to order the cards in such a way that basic blackjack strategy becomes less effective for the player.
  2. If that doesn’t get you, many casinos have fake players that will join the table at just the right moment to crush your bankroll. They have total hidden control of the outcomes in my opinion.
  3. If you’re a high roller and you get on a good table game with a no mid-shoe entry rule and you get past all of those other lines of defense, the casino can still bring in a card mechanic.

You stand no chance at all when they bring in the big guns (aka the mechanic). Trust me on that, its lights out at that point.

So after a lifetime of playing blackjack I’ve lost my interest in gambling high stakes which I used to have a passion for. Now I know the game far to well and I get a rush out of defying the odds of the mathematics behind basic strategy. Consequently, that puts a card counter target on my back rather quickly if they don’t already know me (the casinos know me already in most cases).

The Sports Betting Gold Rush

If you are a sports bettor then things are a bit different. For many people in a growing number of states across the United States of America, U.S. citizens are able to bet on sports legally on the internet. The rush into sports betting in the United States has been fast and furious. Much like the online sports betting markets in UK and Europe have been, the US market has been growing steadily over recent years.

In Europe companies are raking in billions of Euros from regulated online sports betting. The future looks equally promising for the USA sports betting market on the internet. Mobile sports betting growth is massive and more of the major online gambling companies are entering the market which is good for free market competition and in turn good for gamblers too.

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