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Social media is the necessity of the present time and Instagram is among the most captivating social networking platforms. This ever-evolving platform helps you display all your images and videos in the most lively way.

This popular social media platform offers excellent highlights such as diverse filters, IGTV, multiple tagging, stories, Instagram music, and many others which make it one of the most the successful marketing spaces. All these highlights make this platform more engaging and fascinating among the users.

Embedding an Instagram feed to your website is one of the effective marketing strategies utilized by marketers and advertisers. This marketing strategy will make your Instagram feed noticeable on the site as well.

With the help of an Instagram widget tool like Taggbox Widget, businesses can easily take a look at all sides of optimized digital marketing. Furthermore, Implementing an Instagram widget to your website requires no complicated codes.

Impressive visual content, designs, and layouts will help to catch the eye of your clients. 

1. More Dwelling Time Along with User Interaction

This is an addictive social media platform with pleasing images and videos that keep users scrolling their Instagram feed. The visual form of content keeps users engaged and attracted. 

Embedding an Instagram widget to your website helps in raising user engagement as the same source of visual communication is diverted through your website. 

Users get all the content located at the same spot that they were looking for and all that your brand needs to show them. This makes them indulge longer in scrolling your website and get more interaction. 

2. Transactional Marketing and Market Enlargement

It helps your worldwide users to gain a better knowledge and understanding about your brand and its product or services. Instagram widgets help to create more social influence by allowing more clients to connect with your website. More number of visitors on your website means more conversions and sales. 

3. Develop Brand Growth and Image 

Instagram feeds help build a good brand image as more users learn about your brand in an engaging way. As a result of word-of-mouth marketing your brand gets a wider social reach. 

To develop a stronger and solid brand image, you need to have more happy customers. Additionally, to build a good reputation and client trust, make more people talk about your brand on social networks.

4. Better Shopability Options for Users 

In the present time, technology has taken the utmost modern turn. Instagram is a popular social media platform that launched its shop option from posts directly. Thus the users can directly purchase the product straight from the feed without any hassle. 

By embedding an Instagram feed in your website and this highlighting feature, you can convert the moment of inspiration into a sale. Also users can easily discover products on your website. More users are attracted by visual content and as a result it encourages them to convert into a customer. 

5. More Customization and Widget Personalization Options 

Several customization options and designs are available for social media embedding tools. Social media aggregators make your widget look attractive without any distortions. Make the best out of it by personalizing the widget with attractive layouts and impressive backgrounds.  

If the website gets redeveloped or redesigned, then custom options are available that will make the changes to the widget. The changes will be according to the tints and expenses of the improved site.

6. Astounding Eye-catching Visual creation

Instagram is without a doubt the most engaging and vibrant social media platform with regards to its feed. 

Adding this exuberant Instagram feed to your website makes it lively too. Your website which previously lacked engaging colors gets straight away enhanced with appealing and eye-catching content. 

Final Words

Nowadays many of the businesses use Instagram as an advantageous marketing tool and also for business growth. Embedding an Instagram widget on your website opens doorways for many of new clients. This is beneficial for creating user engagement directly from your website. Also this might help you get some of new followers.

Displaying user-generated content on your website with the use of Instagram widget will help you grow your business and build social trust among users.


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