Wysh Creates a Community for Consumers, Merchants, Software Developers, and Service Providers by Combining AI with Blockchain for Enhanced Commerce TransactionsWysh Creates a Community for Consumers, Merchants, Software Developers, and Service Providers by Combining AI with Blockchain for Enhanced Commerce Transactions – Altcoin Today

Miami, July 2018 — Wysh, an AI driven messenger empowered by blockchain transactions, facilitates intelligent and instant communication between users and businesses. Wysh provides businesses with a streamlined way to engage with customers, optimize employee performance, facilitate payments, and more. Wysh is announcing its launch on the heels of a $2 million fundraising round led by Park Capital, a strategic investment firm focused on FinTech.

Imagine one single space where customers can interact with their favorite restaurants, shops and service providers to order deliveries, services or to simply set-up an appointment. By using the Wysh app, users and service providers mutually benefit each other by creating a community  enhanced by blockchain fast payments, instant transactions and the power of AI enabled chat. Now any small business can have an AI driven customer support channel for free, save on card processing, get paid instantly, and get leads from community through the Wysh app. Wysh is also a stable coin backed up by fiat and liquid assets, kept in custodial accounts in top rated banks. Wysh is the commerce solution that users, merchants and services providers have been waiting for.

Wysh will spark a new global marketplace, putting businesses, consumers and developers together for their mutual benefit. Software developers will be rewarded for contributing chatbots, mini-apps, create services and do integrations. In addition, by combining AI- and a blockchain-powered ecosystem, it allows service providers of all sizes to engage directly with customers, enhancing their service offering, growing their revenue and creating more meaningful relationships.

Wysh is also equipped with the following features that allows users to:

  • Chat: Immediate communication with businesses and friends across the globe in a seamless platform.
  • Pay: Requests of any kind through the combination of AI with a human touch, and multiple payment options through the app.
  • Earn: Sign up friends as well as their favorite merchants and rewards them for their efforts.

By using Wysh, users no need to wait hours for a call operator or chat representative to respond. If the AI algorithm detects that the user needs a real person to respond, Wysh automatically redirects to a service provider or local merchant that is able to assist and provide an instant response. Wysh also enables users to reserve tables at a restaurant, order groceries online, call a dog walker, book a massage, buy theatre tickets, and more.

“Wysh is taking things to the next level, in speed, convenience, savings and enjoyment. Our mission is to ease and change the way businesses engage with customers by tackling current issues with service industries,” says Alex Lopatine, Executive Chairman of Wysh. “By incorporating blockchain, users will be able to easily connect with local merchants and service providers, will have access to multiple payment options while getting rewarded with tokens for instant gratification.”


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