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Few industries are as popular and as in-flux as the video game industry. It’s been nearly 50 years since the first video game was released, and the industry has steadily picked up players while providing new and more immersive experiencing across the technology landscape.

Today, the video gaming industry is almost a $125 billion juggernaut with billions of players consuming millions of hours of gaming content. What’s more, the technological landscape is shifting as well. The introduction of blockchain technology is making singular gaming platforms like PlayStation and Xbox less necessary while also reconciling the gaming experience with users’ changing expectations.

It’s a shifting landscape, but it’s one that XAYA, a blockchain-based gaming platform that’s applying its extensive industry experience toward improving the gaming experience, is uniquely equipped to pursue.

The XAYA gaming experience uses blockchain technology to create a decentralize gaming experience that accounts for the shifting dynamics of the video game industry.

This blockchain-based gaming platform enables users to play in a serverless and unstoppable way. Not only does this create a more reliable gaming experience, but it also transitions gaming worlds into decentralized and autonomous universes with all the accompanying features baked right into the technology.

For instance, users are increasingly modifying their gaming experience with digital assets like customized skins, unique weaponry, and other in-game purchases. Although the estimates vary, in-game purchases account for more than $20 billion of the industry’s revenue. However, while revenue streams are soaring, digital ownership rights are not progressing at the same rate.

With XAYA, game players have true item ownership, which they can trade and transfer as part of a secondary market that is becoming normative in gaming circles.

Of course, unlike traditional gaming systems that have a natural limit to the number of people with exposure to a game, the blockchain enables virtually anyone to compete, regardless of technology. As a result, XAYA users have access to thousands of games and millions of players.

The XAYA platform is the result of iterative changes and years of advancement by a team of developers who pioneered the concept of blockchain gaming.

The company has experience at the helm, and it’s completing the kind of video game experience that’s only possible through acquired expertise. The company is led by CEO Andrew Colosimo – a proven leader with more than 20 years of experience in IT and computing gaming – and Dr. Daniel Kraft, the lead developer on some of the first blockchain-gaming platforms including Namecoin and Huntercoin, who has recently left Google to focus on his new project.

Team XAYA (from left to right): Ayalies Korenberg, Andrew Colosimo, Bas De Gruiter, Patrique Burgersdijk

Team XAYA (from left to right): Ayalies Korenberg, Andrew Colosimo, Bas De Gruiter, Patrique Burgersdijk

Huntercoin, the team’s first blockchain-based gaming experiment, broke several barriers in the industry including the world’s first massively used decentralized multiplayer game, the first game to exist entirely on the blockchain, and the first cryptocurrency maintained by a human mining algorithm.

The platform was wildly successful, especially when accounting for its many detractions including the need for specialized computer hardware and a relatively modest advertising initiative.

In many ways, the XAYA is the result of a collection of projects and experience that yielded a platform that is ready to use just as gamers are becoming more familiar and more comfortable with using cryptocurrencies as part of the gaming process.

The XAYA ecosystem is fueled by the CHI token, a digital currency for gamers. On the platform, the CHI token has modality in everything from account creation to gaming transactions. Beginning August 29th, the token is available for public sale using popular cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ether, and Qash.

Ultimately, the combination of an exceedingly usable platform, built by a team of experienced developers, and powered by a unique cryptocurrency looks like the model for gaming platforms of the future.

Fortunately, users won’t have to wait long. XAYA’s ecosystem is quickly developing, and its public sale will be the first opportunity for most people to gain exposure to the work.


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