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Och good old days…, when everyone was using computers with their square monitors, you could slap some site in minutes, upload on cheap hosting and everyone is coming right away and enjoying it and saying good words about it and the world is a happy place…, but not today!

Today to have a website even for fun, maybe a blog about your dog, you need to take care of many more things, and your site responsiveness is definitely one of them, what is responsiveness you asking? Ok, let’s find out it first

Responsiveness is when your site changes the design based on the user’s screen he/she uses if the visitor is coming to your site using a personal computer – your site looks one way if smartphone – another way.

It doesn’t mean that you need to create a totally different design for all the screen sizes in the world, but changing how site elements positioned and shows up for different screens is a good start.

Why it’s important?

Well A – if you want to miss out on something like 60% worldwide in 2020 of internet users and B – because you and your grandpa are on personal computers with big ass screens and C – only you two reading that blog, then maybe it’s not that important.

But if you want others to come to your site and enjoy it then – it’s one of the most important things you need to care about when building a website.

And I’m not even touching the business side of it, if you want to make money with your site then responsive design is crucial to have it.

People now days have such a short span for waiting and clicking and searching that if you make them think of what/where/why then that’s it, withing few first seconds you just lost a customer.

Even Google lost its temper on this, now if your site is not responsive and slow, you’ll have a hard time ranking your site to the top Google search positions.

Enough rambling!

Show us examples!

Ok ok, calm down, I’ll show you my portfolio website v1 as an example.

The nice-looking site right? Well, yes of course when I’m on my laptop with a 15-inch screen and full HD (1920×1080) resolution then all looking good, but wait to see what starts to happen when I start to shrink the page…

How about now?

Is there a fix for this problem?

Hell yes! And a lot of them! In 2020 most of the time when hiring a developer to build you a site, you don’t even need to mention that you want that new site to be responsive, they add this as a standard, and if they don’t – RUN! Run and don’t turn back, because that one is not worth your time to even talking to!

Ok, let’s get back to my site after doing some “magic”…, how about now?

Much better right? Now all people visiting the site no matter on what screen, they going to see everything in an easily readable way, no matter are they on a laptop or on iPhone.

And this was just an example of some simple site but still, responsiveness is important because as you saw in the first example I might be missing a lot of contacts who were visiting my portfolio and it all my fault because I didn’t test my site on different screens, and those people were not able to contact me because – they just couldn’t see my contacts!

And for you might be happening something the same – you might be selling some products online, you see in your store dashboard that people keep adding products to the basket but do not end up buying anything, why?

So now you know – it might be because your products basket page is not responsive and all those people who added products to it can’t check out because they can’t see that button! Sounds stupid but it happens much more than you think actually…

Thank you for your attention, I hope you enjoyed reading this simple short introduction to website responsiveness and now you able to check it yourself is everything ok with your site, good luck!


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