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The process of learning has evolved over the years, especially when paperback books have transformed into interactive screens and the countless notifications keep on disturbing the users. Books consume time and the ability to retain technical knowledge makes it more complicated. However, interactive games have been successful in recent years to disseminate substantial information among users. According to a study conducted, 80% of learners stated that their productivity levels would augment exponentially if their learning or job was more game-like or had engaging content.

The Debacle

Cryptocurrencies struck the world with an eye-opening parallel financial system that was an alternative to replace the existing monetary infrastructure. While the conventional financial analysts expressed their skepticism by calling digital assets a mere ‘Ponzi scheme’ and demanded the regulations to curb its liberty. The proponents of Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies continued to make lucrative gains until the debacle on 25th December of 2017 when all cryptocurrencies plunged to their lowest ebb.

Ray of Light

Albeit, the relatively low-price slabs that Bitcoins has hit in 2018, one merit has surfaced which is the element of stability. The sudden spikes might be depictions of abnormal profits but those were fleeting. While the predictions for 2019 have been encouraging for investors with tied-up cash, the risk averse nature acts as an impediment. There are numerous novice investors who aspire to earn returns from investments in Bitcoins, but fear that the lack of experience and inability to have simulated transactions can act as major barriers.

Gamification Process

However, to promote the culture of taking calculated risks and investing into diverse commodities, game developers have started to inculcate cryptocurrencies into their offerings. One method of entering this domain is through giving out gift cards, cash prizes and other monetary returns in the form of Bitcoins. On the other hand, game developers have started to design games that allow consumers to invest in simulation-based environments. These artificial worlds allow investors to have a through know-how about the functionalities and peculiarities of the Bitcoin universe.

Winning Bitcoins

Games like Da Hong Bao, Virtual Soccer, and Casino Hold’em are played online, which means players compete with each through internet servers in real-time. The winning rewards in these games are in the form of Bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies. This facet of games provides the Bitcoins as the rewards, or an end to the means.

Playing with Bitcoins

The second category of games provides users with an accumulation of Bitcoin reserves, and then they are asked to trade in real market conditions. By playing such games, the neophyte investor is not only relieved from the stress of losing money, but also learns greatly about the insights of market trading. These games often resonate with the audience to give a nostalgic sense to the users. Who hasn’t played the classic Minesweeper video game on their personal computers before the era of smartphones and tablets struck the world of gadgets?

The Bitcoin game is a trip to the past for myriads of computer users due to the inculcation of Bitcoins into the Minesweeper concept which gives it a contemporary outlook. CryptoSkull is a lucrative and addictive minesweeper type lite coin, bitcoin game. Use their faucet to start playing with free cryptocurrency! Try the virtual version of the Game, which allows Users to try playing without placing real bets.

Encouraging Investors

Gamification techniques have not been new when it comes to education. Stock trading on the Wall Street have often been started with model games that created similar dashboards to that of a professional equity investor. The inception of the investing journey starts with the elimination of fear which only comes when either a simulated environment is made, or the element of money is eradicated.

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